Wakpada in the Spotlight

Stay updated with our latest achievements and features, showcasing Wakpada's commitment to thoughtful urban living. Here, every brick and hallway is a reflection of our dedication to innovation and community.


Finance and Commerce Top Projects of 2022

Named with the Dakota word for "creek," Wakpada Apartments stands a short walk from Minnehaha Regional Park and other nearby multifamily projects that have emerged over several years. Kysa McDuffie,…


Development Showcase Wakpada Apartments

Demand for industrial product remains high throughout the Twin Cities market. The chal­lenge? Rising interest rates are already scuttling several planned industrial developments, some­thing that will…


Angela Two Stars Lets Life Flow at Wakpada Apartments

For local Dakota artist Angela Two Stars, finishing the installation of Okciyapi was a huge step in her career as a public artist. But finishing such a large project left her feeling aimless. “It was…